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Stuff we like ;-)

Every now and then we stumble across something great on the internet. Great service. A great product. A great site. Or just something we find greatly hilarious. This is our little tip of the hat to them...


In an internet world of averageness, underpinned by confusing products and services, it’s good to find someone who, well.. isn’t.

We think they’re great.

We’ll think they’re even greater when they reduce our fees by 10% on the back of this ;) 

Spamsoap by Nuvotera

It’s been a while since we won the Nigerian Lottery, or had a marriage proposal from a sultry Eastern European lady, so whilst our luck might have taken a turn for the worse, at least we’re not wading through mountains of Spam, or fending off nasty viruses whilst we wait for our numbers to come up in West Africa.

Co-Pilot Live

We love nothing more than meeting new people. But it’s so much easier to do without clutching a ream of A4 paper covered in some tiny little written ‘turn left, turn right’ instructions printed from one of those ‘Carmobile Association’ websites.

Technology can be good. This phone app is great.